Mississippi poet laureate and author




The 52 micro-memoirs in genre-defying Heating & Cooling offer bright glimpses into a richly lived life, combining the compression of poetry with the truth-telling of nonfiction into one heartfelt, celebratory book.

Released October 10, 2017; Paperback, with Reading Group Guide, Sept. 27, 2018

Co-authored with Beth Ann's husband, Tom Franklin, The Tilted World is an extraordinary tale of murder and moonshine, sandbagging and saboteurs, and a man and a woman who find unexpected love.

Released October 1, 2013

With elegant wordplay and her usual subversive wit, Beth Ann Fennelly explores the "unmentionable" not only what is considered too bold but also what can't be said because words are insufficient.

Released April 1, 2008

From serious to sisterly, these letters are from a toddler's mother to a pregnant friend about the transforming experience of motherhood.

Released April 1, 2006

Beth Ann Fennelly is fearless in delineating the joys, absorptions, and yes jealousies of new motherhood. Having studied motherhood "as if for an exam," reality proved "wilder and deeper and funnier" than anything she'd anticipated.

Released May 17, 2005

Fennelly's  poems are well poised in their witty and sometime sassy ruminations, often "maximalist" in their scope (see "From L' HUtel Terminus  Notebooks") and the pleasure one takes within them is of the rarest
breed: it is the pleasure of unexpected revelation.

Released May 31, 2002